And stop wasting your time!

Do you ever look at the clock and ask yourself what the f*ck you have done with all of your time today?

Not gonna lie, there are days that I get so caught up in work that I don't shower until 5, which is totally FINE if you are also making time to do things that you enjoy (I also suggest dabbing on some essential oils).

When you are working for someone else and don't have much alone time it seems a lot harder to do what you enjoy but I have some great tips on how to implement them into your everyday! 

Let's face it, the reason we are all plugging away and working our booties off is to reach the dream lifestyle that we desire.

You can't focus all of your energy on up-leveling if you aren't happy and are wasting time on what doesn't make you feel good!

Let's start having fun again!!!

What are the things that you love to do?

Think about the small things that light you up. A really great practice is to write a list and write down beside them how often you actually get to do these things. THEN write down how often you WANT to do them. 

Write that list down in your journal and look at it every day to remind you what makes you happy and you will end up finding way more time for them! You can even schedule them into your calendar. 

Here is my list and the small adjustments I've made to do them more! 

Working with my clients - I want to do this every day so rather than only taking calls on Tuesday and Thursday I am spreading it out so I take a few calls each day!
Learning - I have been signing up for tele-classes, buying online classes and making sure I always have a book on the go. I schedule my learning time in every day in my Google calendar (I am "that girl" now that puts every in my calendar)!
Traveling - I want to go on 3 big trips/year so I have signed up to travel blogs and look at them regularly for inspo! Even if you can't pull the trigger now, it doesn't hurt to look and it's a great way to manifest!
Being outside - My to-do list for each day always has something that involves me stepping out of my office! This is a big one for me. 
Singing and dancing - I finally downloaded Spotify on my phone and have been groovin' to Britney and Beyonce ever since!
Spending time with friends, family and other business babes - When I think of my friends, I text them right then and there rather than thinking "oh I have to remember to text so and so"
Going for dinner with my man - This is now pre-planned for the month

What do you NOT like doing?

Just as important as what you like, what you don't like needs to be given some attention to! How can you do less of it?

Your time and energy is super precious so don't waste it! Write down all of the things you dislike and get creative in finding ways to take them off of your list!

Here are some ways I took my time back!

Cooking every day - I hired a nutritionist to come to my home and cook my meals on Monday for the entire week. (Don't have the funds right now? Bach cook and meal plan! You can find tons of info online!)
Dishes - Because all of my meals are pre-cooked for the week I just have plates to deal with!
Cleaning - Hired a cleaner (don't have the funds available? Schedule your cleaning in so you just do a little each week rather than letting it build up!). If you have a partner or room-mate that you live with, split the duties. I refuse to take down the garbage and he refuses to the make the bed #balance
Working 8 hours/day - Since I make time to get outside, sing and dance and spend more time with friends, I get more work done in less time! If you haven't read The 4 Hour Work Week, order it now!
Intense workouts - Find a workout that you enjoy! That is so key! Yoga is my fav way to sweat (k, 2nd fav way). 
Spending too much time on social media - Schedule this into your day too! I also keep my phone in a separate room, and turn off all social media notification!

How will you feel when you reach your dream lifestyle?

Again, the main reason we want to enjoy our lives and not spend time doing what we hate is so we can be living the life of our dreams.

I say all the time to my clients, don't focus on the
"how" when it comes to reaching your goals. Definitely have a plan, but focus your energy on how you are going to FEEL when you get there. 

Write down a list of words or feelings you will experience in your dream life.

Every morning for a few minutes put yourself into that headspace (this is a great excuse to stay in bed longer while still being productive!). This can be a part of your meditation or a glorified day-dream! 

Okay babes, I hope you got some good practices here to keep your life exciting and productive. 

I would love to hear from you! Hit reply and let me know what you want to do more of and less of and I will feature you in a post on my Facebook group (anonymously of course!!).

Good luck and have fun!

xo Amber-Lee

PS: I am offering FREE 15 minute chakra analysis calls! You will answer some questions before the call and then I will tell you what's going on with your chakra energy and give you a custom daily practice to work on balancing it out! 

These calls are all about you so I won't be selling or talking about my programs (unless you beg me to!). Click here to book 

PS: I am offering FREE 15 minute chakra analysis calls! You will answer some questions before the call and then I will tell you what's going on with your chakra energy and give you a custom daily practice to work on balancing it out! 

These calls are all about you so I won't be selling or talking about my programs (unless you beg me to!). Click here to book 


Amber-Lee Schneider

My name is Amber-Lee Schneider and I am a Business and Lifestyle Coach, specializing in Chakra Healing and Daily Practices to make you your most fulfilled self. I am also obsessed with gemstones, fashion and reading.

At the age of 29 I can honestly say that I AM HAPPY (Like REALLY happy!). 

I get to spend my days helping other women who are going through the same sh*t that I did.


It was not until I FINALLY HIRED A COACH that I was able to bang out my business in two months and my only big investment was my coach. 


I SERIOUSLY want the same for you. I cannot tell you how much my life changed since I made that decision and I am so grateful to be a part of this movement and to help other women become as fulfilled as I am.