Indie Lee, Why You Need Clean Skincare, on Chakra Girl Radio

Indie Lee, Founder and CEO of her own eco-chic line of beauty products! She has such an amazing and inspiring story. She's sharing that plus:  

+ Some really great clean beauty tips!

+ Listening to signs from the Universe before it bites you in the ass

+ How to turn a shitty day into a shitty 5 minutes

I'm also giving you my Vegas recap, telling you about my new designer bag, and a kundalini update!

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Kelly Henderson, Putting it All Out There , Reality Show BTS, on Chakra Girl Radio

K so you all know I love reality TV…and I am kind of dying over this interview with…

Kelly Henderson, a celebrity hair stylist, makeup artist and stylist (I frickin' love her style)! She's the founder of the blog, Velvet's Edge that has now turned into a business and also a podcast.
She's also a cast member of Very Cavallari, starting July 8 on E!'s on right after keeping up with Kardashians. 

She is also the nicest soul ever, new friend of the show, just love her. 

+ A behind the scenes look at the newest reality show on E! and the entertainment business

+ Stepping into the spotlight authentically 

+ Breaking down the vulnerability of putting yourself "out there"

+ dating qualms 

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Jacqueline Kademian, The Relationship Episode, on Chakra Girl Radio

In this Episode we go deep with Jacqueline Kademian,  a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Author, and Coach. We talk all things:

+ "Man"-ifesting your dream relationship

+ Releasing deeply engrained insecurities

+ The best relationship tips to have a good life with your person 

I've been married for almost a year now, love my husband, I feel like we've really learned a lot about being together and killing each other - so lots of great tips in this episode!

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Whitney Eckis, Digital Marketing 101, on Chakra Girl Radio

Whitney Eckis, CEO & Founder Eckis Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and social media agency that helps brands elevate their digital presence and maximize their brand exposure

+ Digital Marketing tips to be famous AF

+ Tips on gaining engagement and tracking engagement so you can post what the people want!

+ Everything you need to know about successful platforms and channels in any algorithm

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Amanda Hlatky, Your Best Skincare Life, on Chakra Girl Radio

Today's episode is one of my favs, I LOVE interviewing my friends, and we're chatting with Amanda Hlatky, founder of Glow Dermal Therapy, my first biz friend, and my skin guru…so many laughs and embarrassing stories about when we were broke ass.

+ How to get glowing skin at home

+ The best treatments to splurge on

+ Doing stuff that scares the sh*t of you in order to grow as a woman

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Kessley McCormick, You're a Psychic and You Don't Even Know It, on Chakra Girl Radio

Welcome back to Chakra Girl Radio! In this episode we are talking with Kessley McCormick.  She is an Intuitive Life Purpose & Spirituality guru. She has crazy gifts of Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and psychic empathy. She did a palm reading for me and it was so so wild and she's doing a mini palm reading for you too!

+ You're psychic and you don't know it - here's a how to know it

+ Protecting your energy with a spiritual romper

+ Surviving life as a highly sensitive person, and healing your own energy

+ How to administer your own palm analysis 

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Natalia Benson, Astro-Forecasting, on Chakra Girl Radio

Today we have Natalia Benson on the show, she's one of my fav astro-forecasters.  She is a modern mystic, an astrology, tarot reader, spiritual guru, resident horoscope gal for Who What Where and our resident astro-forecaster.  

Natalia is giving so many great tips on:

+All the juicy mystic happenings over the summer

+ Honoring and claiming your menstrual cycle with all the different moons

+ Prepping to mindfully quit your job 

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Kelley Fertitta, Making Passion Your "Thing", on Chakra Girl Radio

Today we have Kelley Fertitta on the show, half if the sister duo from the blog Wilson Gabrielle. Their blog follows their fashion adventures through Vegas, LA, NY and the world and shows how two sisters with such different tastes can complement and contrast each other’s individual style so perfectly. 

Kelley is giving so many great tips on:

+ How to stay present when your mind is all over the map - she gave some really great tips I am going to implement NOW

+ Staying the course when you've got big goals and they don't happen over night

+ Dermaplaning for baby's bum skin

+ Spirt animals

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