the humble lifestyle 3 HR INTENSIVe - is it right for you?


The most satisfying thing EVER is starting on your goals, and knowing without a doubt, you are going to reach them this time. 

Let's make sure  it's different than last time!

The 3 hr intensive is for you if:

+ You have big dreams but you do not know where to start with achieving them

+ You feel like something is holding you back (not enough time/money/direction/motivation)

+ You are looking for answers, a plan and some motivation to get started

+ You have tried to reach your goals but you fell short and lost track


Here's how it works & what's included


+ We will get comfy with some tea or wine (in person if you are in Vancouver, BC or over Skype so I can see your lovely face!)

+ I will give you a complete run through on the 7 chakras, their function and how they support your physical and emotional well being

+ I will complete a full analysis of your chakras for you, telling you everything that you are blocking and how to unblock yourself

+ We will develop a daily practice that suits your schedule, personality and needs

+ We will lay out your goals and come up with a step-by-step plan using all of my tips and tricks for planning and follow through

+ I will do a Chakra and Zodiac Tarot Card Reading for you

+ We will comeplete 2 exercises featured in my 1 month program, depending on what you need the most

+ You will be sent home with info sheets and a PLAN set your dreams in motion!

+ I will create a custom guided meditation audio sequence for you and send it to you within a couple days after our session

+ You will get email access to me for 1 week after your session and one 30 minute follow up call with me 3 weeks after session

+ You will have access to my email content and blog posts