a lifestyle makeover

for the perfect balance of first class and humble

Increase your confidence - Love the sexy, smart and fabulous self that you are. Stop being an a** hole to yourself.

Make money-money - Change your money-mindset and become a money-magnet.

Decrease overwhelm - Stop spinning in circle. Take small bites and prioritize your goals.

Get results, quick - Take action with increased energy and you will knock your socks off.

Become a #modernmeditation and chakra expert - Know your energy and  how to manifest what you want and get rid of what you don't.

Create amazing relationships with people that build you up and support you. 

The FREEDOM to do, buy and create what you want when you want.

That knee-shaking kind of love you see in movies.

The intuition to know you are in the right place, at the right time (in the right shoes).

The ability to turn your Instagram-envy into attainable goals.

Manifestation of VIRTUALLY ANYTHING you put your energy towards.

A daily practice that makes you feel jazzed from the moment you get out of the bed to the moment you go to sleep.


how we will get you there...

Let's bump you up to first class.

Step 1. We will start with an OVERWHELM DETOX call, to figure out what is block you and  map out all of your desires to determine how to achieve them.

Step 2. We will determine whether we jive together.

Step 3. If yes, you will make an investment in yourself and you will receive your contract and welcome package to kick start our amazing relationship.

Step 4. We will develop an even deeper plan, sectioned into small daily steps that are totally doable and prevent any overwhelm or doubt. 

Step 5. We will complete a chakra assessment to and I will tailor a custom chakra makeover, just for you that you have to keep for whenever you need a boost. 


 We will schedule weekly 1 hour calls to keep you on track, motivated, encouraged and assisted. 

You will start to shock yourself by how much you can get done and how achievable your wildest dreams actually are.

 60 day, first class #humblelifestyle PROGRAM details.

  • Breakthrough Perfectionism
  • Create a step-by-step plan for greatness
  • A go-to worksheet for those "off days"
  • Prove your fears wrong & release them for good!
  • Chakra analysis 
  • Practices to get the positive energy flowing!
  • Let go of the baggage that is dragging you down
  • Create a new mindset that makes you glow!
  • Create a SUSTAINABLE routine to make you jazzed to get out of bed.
  • Meditation/Visualization to make your heart sing.
  • Single? Let's find you man
  • Coupled? Let's make your relationship movie-worthy.
  • Finally love yourself!
  • Ditch the negative self talk
  • Celebrate your wins and treat yourself.
  • I will guide you on EXACTLY how to get your dream-life
  • Let's make you sexy on the inside and outside.
  • Meal/workout/health planning.
  • Dream of starting a business? Let's lay out the frame work.
  • Let's get clear on the things you want more than anything.
  • Set goals to get there.
  • Create a plan to quit your 9-5.
  • OR take back the power and energy you are giving away.

in a coconut shell...

1) We will say adios to whatever is blocking you.

2) We will create a step by step plan for you to reach your goals.

3) I will provide you the encouragement and tools you need to be your best self.

4) I support you on each step of the way as you completely transform your live in 8 weeks.

get it girl

At the end of our 2 months you will have the confidence, tools and self awareness you need to continue on your journey and I will provide on-going email support.

If I can do it, you can do it. Remember, I am the girl that had a business idea for 3 years before doing anything about it and all it took was a free clarity call and an investment in the greatness of my idea to get me moving towards my dreams.



(payment plans + pay-in-full incentives available)

questions? email me: amber-lee@humblelifestyle.com


Need to chat, vent or figure out how to take take the next step in life? Take advantage of your free 45 minute call. We will get clear on what's going on for you and figure out what to do about it.